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  • CODENAME: Switchblade
  • REAL NAME: Marilyn Jeanette Cross
  • ALIASES: Marilyn Matthews (former married name).
  • AGE: 25
  • HEIGHT: 5' 7"
  • WEIGHT: 153 lbs.
  • GENDER: Female
  • NATIONALITY/RACE: Caucasian American (English/Irish/Cherokee)
  • HAIR COLOR: Black
  • EYE COLOR: Blue
  • P.O.B.: Houston, TX U.S.A
  • EDUCATION: High School GED. Cosmetology Vocational School Graduate.
  • OCCUPATION: Hair Stylist / Part-time on-call F.B.I. Field Agent for S.P.E.E.D. task force: STEEL RAIN (classified).
  • KNOWN RELATIVES: Wallace Cross (father); June & Stewart McDermott (mother & step-father); William (Billy) Cross (brother); Jason Matthews (ex-husband).

  • ORIGIN OF ABILITIES: Marilyn first began to suspect the lights she occasionally saw at the center of vision as more than precursors to migraines in her late teens. It wasn't until her 20th year that she knew for certain that she was actually able to emit light from her eyes. Years later, when desiring to show a friend this seemingly useless mutant talent, she naturally looked directly at his eyes and accidentally struck him with what she would later call her "Hypno" beam (see ABNORMAL BIOLOGY/ABILITIES below). Unable to break the young man free from his paralysis after several minutes, she attempted to "undo" the affect by repeating it. He was then very agreeable to everything she suggested. Marilyn took this opportunity to seduce him, although she later felt guilty for taking advantage of the situation. Marilyn knew there was more to her "useless" mutant abilities and went in to S.P.E.E.D. Registry for further testing.

  • ABNORMAL BIOLOGY/ABILITIES: Switchblade's major powers derive from the extra cells found at the fore section of her optic nerves where they connect to the back of the eyes. Beyond the regular rods and cones, Switchblade's optic nerves have a series of unique cells, some of which appear similar to those found in certain animals with varying modes of sight, others are completely new to science. These cells appear to pick up further ranges within the electromagnetic spectrum other than visual light, including ultraviolet, infrared, radio waves and so on. A particularly peculiar range of cells appear to be reversed, enabling them to emit, rather than absorb, different elements of light or radiation. Switchblade's brain has reserved unused portions to store certain ranges of energy, to be emitted by the reverse cells upon command as beams of energy. Being that these beams are emitted in a linear pattern from Switchblade's pupils, her accuracy is extremely acute, enabling her to essentially strike any target she can lock her sight on.
    At this time, Switchblade controls 3 major types of beams, which she calls her "Laser", "Blast" and "Hypno" beams. The first, her "Laser" beam is fairly accurately named. Switchblade emits a thin ray of stored "Near" infrared light which is filtered through a band of radiation (this is also emitted from her optic nerve, creating a field of radiation a few millimeters beyond the surface of her eyes), which then becomes an intense laser, in effect. This beam is capable of cutting through 1" thick steel in 5-8 seconds.

Switchblade's most offensively powerful beam, her "Blast" beam, is actually UVB band Ultraviolet radiation emitted in high-volume bursts. Beyond the extremely radioactive nature of this beam (UVB is, after all, the cause of sun burn and skin cancer), which causes damage at a molecular level, this beam appears to collect static electricity in the air on its course to the target. This adds a potent electric current, as well as coupling itself with the initial radiation burst to form an explosive concussive force. This beam has enough force to crush a small automobile, or burn a hole through a human body. As Ultraviolet radiation, especially UVB, trickles through the ozone much less than other forms of radiation, Switchblade is only capable of emitting 4 or 5 bursts of this type before depleting her absorbed resources. S.P.E.E.D. researchers have calculated her recharge rate at approximately 1 full burst per 3 hours of daylight absorption.
Switchblade's most resourceful and used beam is her "Hypno" beam. This is a thin visual light beam which carries a small electric current. This beam is little more than a static charge unless it strikes a human eye. Upon contact, the beam striking the optic nerve sends the electric pulse directly into the brain, causing a shock to the nervous system. Alone, this is sufficient to cause something of a minor stroke, paralyzing the target for 5 to 15 minutes. Switchblade is then able to either sustain the beam or strike again, enabling her to make use of a weak psionic ability, domination. Apparently, she can only use this ability when a virtual "brain-to-brain" connection like this is made. At this point, the target is extremely susceptible to suggestion from Switchblade. Although, she is at risk of losing the contact if she recommends her target do something they know to be dangerous or in opposition to their nature. This hypnotic state appears to last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes before Switchblade must reestablish the link.
As a side effect, Switchblade is able to make use of, or translate, some of these ranges of radiation, endowing her with limited night vision and even infrared vision. Switchblade is also able to emit broad beams of visual light, becoming a human flashlight. Although she loses little more than a dot of visual range with her "Laser" and "Hypno" beams, Switchblade does lose a larger fraction with her light beam, and a significant (though brief) percentage with her "Blast" beam.


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