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Steel Rain

Jay French & Golden Eagle Comics present, "Steel Rain" -The Series


Since the first issue of "STEEL RAIN", there have been a few changes. Beginning in the 2nd issue (whenever that comes about), you'll see some slightly updated costumes, some slightly aged characters, and a slight change in a hairdo or two. Since the storyline of this comic revolves primarily around the characters and their very realistic yet fantastical world, I'd like to start with an overview. Below is a link to the general statistics and abbreviated (believe it or not) power descriptions of the six major characters. Click below to thumb through the new costumes and statistics of BlackStar, Blockade, Odyssey, She-Wolf, Silverstorm and Switchblade!


If you're done perusing the characters, let's talk about the story. To start, here's the titles of the first 15 issues of "Steel Rain" (as I now have them planned):

  1. The Myriad
  2. Play The Game
  3. Welcome The Night
  4. Hunter's Prey
  5. Hunger
  6. Streets of Blood
  7. Comes The Storm
  8. The Still
  9. Thunderstruck
  10. Hush, Little Babies...
  11. Hell is for Children
  12. Oh, Angel of Darkness
  13. Retribution
  14. Recoil
  15. Troubleshooting

All of these (except #15) break down into 3 major storylines (with a few back-up storylines happening simultaneously).  They start with the grim fellow to the right, "Genex" and "The Pack" in the storyline I call "The Wild" (issues 2-5) This involves She-Wolf's seduction into a cult of werewolves (or so THEY believe). Meanwhile, Blockade and Silverstorm are cleaning up Zach's neighborhood and his brother, Tom-Tom. Switchblade is busy cleaning up her life.
The second is "The Shadows" which catches our group in the middle of a bloody battle for a legendary samurai sword between an ancient guild of ninjas and the heavily armed Yakuza.


The third (my crowning acheivement) is titled "The Evil Men Do" and involves the ultimate evil villain (to your left), "Coil". Trust me, once you read this story, you'll agree. I researched pretty deeply and darkly to develop this character, including interviewing a clinically diagnosed MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Are you scared yet?

I also intend to introduce more characters by this time, including "Piper", the Irish woodsman, "Renegade" the runaway ninja, and "Aquamarine", the strangest mutant yet.
I also have plans for BlackStar's kids and BlackStar and She-Wolf's daughter.
Before I give too much away, let me give credit where credit is due, for my creations do not come from me alone. Genex was originally created by John Jackson and Coil is the brain-child of Wolfgang Strangefellowe. I also give credit to a lot of other co-writers, creators and general sounding boards, including: Janie Neil, Karen Bartles, Max Gilliam, Sarah Jackson, Heather Jackson, Rob Vranich, Gil Bomberger, Shaney Smith, Amanda and Taryn Burt, Ember Judice, and my lovely wife, Laura.

The art of issue #2 and beyond will also be very different than the first issue.  Remember, I did the entire first issue by hand (I didn't even own a computer at the time)!  Now, after having built this website, I think I'll be using a little more technology.  Thus far, the second issue not only has me using the computer for panels and lettering, but I've altered the art style to make use of Photoshop shading, much like you see in the stat sheets.
Of course, I'll probably still print the comic in black & white (or grayscale) for financial reasons, but there will be a color version out there!
Again, bear with me readers, I want this as much as you do and will pick this project back up as soon as I can find the time!
Thanks for reading!

There's a new kind of villain in town...

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